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How to Report Marine Mammal Strandings


If you see injured, entangled or dead whales, seals or sea lions in the water or on the beach. Note the date, location of stranding (including latitude and longitude), number of animals, and species.

  • NMFS statewide 24-hour Stranding Hotline: (877) 925-7773 or (877) 9-AKR-PRD

  • Online Notification Form

  • Alaska SeaLife Center Stranding Hotline: (888) 774-7325

can make a difference

How to Report

Fish & Birds Strandings

Call 9-1-1 or Click HERE to file a Report with ADF&G.  Examples of what ADF&G would like to hear about are:

  • Injured or sick animals (except marine mammal strandings)

  • Orphaned animals. Leave these animals alone, but please report them.

  • Injuries caused by wildlife to humans.

  • Any wild animal that is aggressive or approaches humans

How to Report Otter Strandings

Please contact either the:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Marine Mammals Management Office in Anchorage:

1-800-362-5148 FREE, business hours


Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward:

1-888-774-7325, 24-hrs

Here's how to report on strandings in Alaska.

REMEMBER:  a wild animal’s best chance for survival is to be left in the wild. It is illegal for you to feed or handle wildlife.

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! If you passionate about your way of life in Alaska's coastal communities, make some phone calls, write a letter, and use social media!  Check out our Facebook for recent Communications!


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